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HiyaHiya's strong, flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality, resin-injected bamboo to offer exceptional strength and resistant to splitting and warping.

These circular needles are smooth, warm and lightweight and are available from 9" (tip to tip) for socks and other small circular projects, to 60" for larger projects.

Tip sizes vary from 2.00mm to 10.00mm.

Colours may vary.

9" aprox 22 cms
16" aprox 40 cms
24" aprox 60 cms
32" aprox 80 cms
40 aprox 100 cms

9" (23cm.) 4.5 cm. cada aguja + 14cm. cable

16" (40cm.) 9 cm. cada aguja + 22cm. cable

24" (60cm.) 12.5 cm. cada aguja + 35cm. cable

32" (80cm.) 12.5 cm. cada aguja + 55cm. cable

40" (100cm.) 12.5 cm. cada aguja + 75cm. cable

Nota: las medidas son aproximadas

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We love these fixed wooden Chiaogoo needles made from lightweight, high-strength moso bamboo with high strength and durability They have the same characteristics as Chiaogoo's Knit Red metal fixed needles: memory free on the cable; that is, that the cable does not twist The manufacturer indicates that the cable swing at the needle-to-cable...
8,43 €

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