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Pair of fixed needles with cable

Material: bamboo
Light weight
High durability
Ideal for childrens garments and accesories

9" (23cm.) 4.5 cm. each needle + 14cm. cable

12" (30cm.) 7 cm. each needle + 16cm. cable

16" (40cm.) 9 cm. each needle + 22cm. cable

24" (60cm.) 12.5 cm. each needle + 35cm. cable

32" (80cm.) 12.5 cm. each needle + 55cm. cable

40" (100cm.) 12.5 cm. each needle + 75cm. cable

Nota: measures are aproximately

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O Laura


Ya las he usado y por ahora muy bien.

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HiyaHiya's strong, flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality, resin-injected bamboo to offer exceptional strength and resistant to splitting and warping. These circular needles are smooth, warm and lightweight and  are available from 9" (tip to tip) for socks and other small circular projects, to 60" for larger projects. Tip...
7,40 €
You are going to love them. These needles are ideal, have a very soft joint and do not puncture the fingers. I love to knit children's socks or clothes. The 23 and 30 cm are ideal for knitting sleeves and wreaths. As these two measures come up to 5.5mm we recommend those of 40 cm for different tips. What is the difference between KNIT RED...
10,00 €

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