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Why do I adore Shorties tips?

Because they are ideal for knitting socks, sleeves, hats, without having to knit with the Magic Loop method

Twist cables are more resistant covered in red or blue nylon, have a system of rotation in the union


- Can these cables be used with other brands' needles? No, only valid for Chiaogoo products

- Can these cables be used with Twist or Spin 4 "and 5" needles? It is possible, but it is possible that the length of the needle is not comfortable to work

- Can the adapters and connectors be used with these cables? Yes. You must buy Mini connector for cable Shorties up to 3.25mm and Small for 3.50mm and up

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Available measures

5cms (2 ")

13cm (5 ")

15cm (6 ")

Shopping guide:

If you want longer cables you can buy normal Twist o Spin cables

Just keep in mind the following: if you have shorties needles up to 3.25 mm you must use Mini cable, and if it is a number greater than or equal to 3.50mm Small cable

Important: The cable size includes the tips. That is, the actual size of the cable is smaller than indicated. They can only be used with needles of the same brand

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R Amaya


Después de muchos años tejiendo con agujas KnitPro, he notado una bajada en la calidad de los cables, en las agujas de madera y en las de metal... y además estaba leyendo tantas cosas buenas de las agujas ChiaoGoo que tenía que probarlas.
He adquirido un par de puntas de 3mm (que no vienen en los set con estuche) para probar y luego adquirir el set completo. Ha sido una sorpresa tremenda, las agujas tienen una calidad infinitamente superior a las de KnitPro, los cables son otro mundo, vamos que me compro el set seguro.

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Why do I love the red Chiaogoo cables? The Twist cables are more resistant covered with nylon, they have a system of rotation in the union that makes it very comfortable to use For heavy work we recommend Twist cables Adapters and cable connectors available FAQ - Can these cables be used with other brands' needles? No, only valid for...
6,94 €
These 3" (8cms), 4" (10cms) or 5″ (13 cm) hand-crafted, patina tips are made of made of surgical-grade stainless steel The size is laser imprinted on each tip TWIST tips can be used with SPIN cables and with TWIST red cables Please use for 4" (10cms) or 5″ (13 cm):  Mini up to 2.50mm size of tips, S (small) cables from 2.75mm up to 5mm needle tip...
9,13 €
Use the Cable Connectors to link together the interchangeable cables to make extra long cables, or use them to connect one end of a cable to another to try on your knitted garments. Contains 2 Cable Connectors and 1 set of Needle Grips. Small fits small cables for needle sizes 2.75mm - 5.00mm. Colour may vary.
3,47 €
Adapt Twist / Spin  Small  tips to Mini Cable option 1 Adapt  Twist / Spin  La rge to Small Cable option 2 Every kit has just one option
3,47 €
Cable adapters available Measurements 20cm (8"), Small, Large 35cm (14"), Small, Large, 55cm (22"), Small, Large, 75cm (30"), Small, Large, 93cm (37"), Small, Large, 125cm (50"), Small, Large Only valid for Chiaogoo products
5,62 €

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