Lykke - Set double pointed needles dpn 15 cms 6" Driftwood Gray Denim Set

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Attention, they are double-ended needles, they are not interchangeable needles.

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This kit contains:

Case to store dpn needles (double pointed) Denim Gray

Each tip thickness number has 5 units

There are 2 options:

Double pointed wooden needles 15 cm: (ref 12855)

US 0 (2.0mm),

US 1 (2.25mm),

US 1.5 (2.50mm),

US 2 (2.75mm),

US 2.5 (3.00mm)

US 3 (3.25mm),

US 4 (3.50mm),

US 5 (3.75mm),

Case size 13x20 cm


Double pointed wooden needles 15 cm: (ref 12857)

US 6 (4.0mm),

US 7 (4.50mm),

US 8 (5.00mm),

US 9 (5.50mm),

US 10 (6.00mm)

US 10.5 (6.50mm),

US 11 (8.00mm),

US 13 (9.00mm),

Case size 19x22 cm


Each reference has a different price, the price given is per reference

The photo of the case is indicative

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