Sandnes Garn - Flexible Cord and Circular Stitch Holder

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This stitch holder is an ideal way to put your work in progress on hold. It features a soft, supple plastic cord that attaches to a stainless steel or interchangeable

Simply slip the stitches from your working needles into the stitch holder to keep the shape of your project intact without compromising the stitches.

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Each bag brings 10 units of plastic cords of assorted colors of approximately 80 cm long each

The price is per bag of 10 units.

Once the bag is opened, it cannot be exchanged or returned.

How to use: screw the thread of the interchangeable needle into the cord, it can also be used by passing it by hand, although it is more uncomfortable.


There are 2 sizes to choose from: dropdown below

Small needles up to 4.50 mm

Large needles from 5.00 mm

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