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We love these fixed wooden needles made from lightweight, high-strength bamboo with high strength and durability I recommend these needles despite of its high price Note: in numbers less than 4.50 mm we recommend buying metal, in case of breakage, Tulip does not accept claims.
11,61 €
¿What are the characteristics of Tulip interchangeable cables for CarryC Long needles? ? Rotary cable join prevents twisting of the cable It is easy to attach without using any tool Very light weight aprox 6 to 9 grs. With this system needles will not loosen while knitting
13,06 €
Tulip has a unique coupling system that makes it easy to tension and unscrew the needles without using any tools. With this system the needles will not loosen while knitting. Rotary cable join prevents twisting. This brand is very famous in countries like Japan. You have to try them you will love them  : ) Made in Japan
166,12 €
Use the Cable Connectors to link together the interchangeable cables to make extra long cables, or use them to connect one end of a cable to another to try on your knitted garments. Contains 2 Cable Connectors  Connect cables CarryC not CarryC Fine Gauge
4,95 €
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