Please read the entire return policy carefully. (It is an extract of the Conditions that you have accepted when making your purchase)
We try to explain to the client, the situation for which there are surcharges in the returns if they proceed. We are a small company and we cannot assume additional costs, we have the policy of having affordable prices to the customer instead of recharging prices for possible cost overruns.
The following section is extensive and we have been forced to adopt certain measures, which we would have liked not to have to implement.
If the client opts for a Change, the conditions are more advantageous for the client
I hope you understand the situation.


Articles with special conditions

These items are the ones that neither changes nor returns are accepted:
- Articles modified at the customer's request. Modified is understood to be all those changes that are made in the article with respect to the original factory product in labels, fiber, packaging, packaging, etc.
- Patterns in brochure, virtual download, magazines, books or similar
- Items with a seal, bags that tear when opened or it is obvious that they have been opened, Void labels, or labels that lose their glue when opened
- Items ordered from the manufacturer at the customer's request, including products that we usually have in stock
- Those items that Picknit indicates, in the product file, that do not have a return
- Kits containing standard. Pattern is understood as the instructions for knitting a piece
- Partial parts of Kits cannot be returned
Items purchased in the store can be returned, within 15 calendar days of the delivery date (without exception), if they are in perfect condition (labeled, original packaging, neutral odor, unwound (turned into a ball), label in good condition. conditions, no trace of pets, etc.). The balls of wool will be weighed upon receipt. It will be verified that the tinted returned corresponds to one of the ones we have in the store. The return of products purchased in other stores will not be accepted, even if we sell the same product.
From December 10 to 30, the term will be one month, without any exception. Please, if you are going to deliver a gift on these dates, we recommend you review the order.
Breakages or wrong products must be reported within 7 days of receipt without exception. Read below about these types of items as they are not processed as returns.
Picknit reserves the right to reject the return for any of the reasons described above. The customer will be notified to pick up, without the customer being able to claim anything about it.

What amount do we refund?

1. You will be reimbursed the same price you paid and in the same payment method.
2. Shipping with free postage: If the return is an order that has been sent postage paid, that is, the customer did not pay shipping costs, the following will be charged: € 6 (Spain and Portugal Penísula), € 27.00 ( Denmark, Finland and Sweden) and the rest € 18 Countries within the European Union (not islands), as long as discounting the returned items does not continue to reach the amount of postage paid according to the country and carrier chosen by the customer. The reason for collecting these amounts is that when returning the items, the sale does not cover the expenses that Picknit has had to make to pay the carrier.
3. Shipping with freight paid by the customer (Only for orders outside the Peninsula): The shipping costs charged to the customer in the original shipment of the order to make the purchase cheaper for the customer, are lower than those actually paid to the carrier by Picknit, therefore, if the customer has paid shipping costs, the difference up to the costs actually paid by Picknit will be discounted in the wholesale return. As a reference, the amounts paid to the carrier are those indicated in the second paragraph. The reason for collecting these amounts is that when returning the items, the sale does not cover the expenses that Picknit has had to make to pay the carrier.
4. The customer can avoid discounting these amounts if he chooses the coupon voucher option, which he can use in subsequent purchases as if it were money. Coupon checks do not expire. In this case, the money is not returned, but that money remains on the customer's account and he spends it whenever he wishes.
5. The shipping costs of the original shipment are not refunded in any case
6. If more than 70% of an order is returned, in orders of more than 3 items, 3.5% will be charged for administrative expenses generated. An example, if the customer buys 10 skeins of Malabrigo Ríos color Aguas, nothing will be charged for this concept or if he buys a kit of needles, adapters and connectors; However, if you buy 4 skeins of different colors of the same type or brand, the charge will proceed. The reason is that when returning we do not know with certainty what lot of all we have corresponds to the skeins and we have to sell them as loose skeins in the physical store. Most wools do not have a dyed lot

7. If the customer wants to exchange one product for another, he must make a purchase again with the coupon voucher that we have sent him.

Return process (for both returns and exchanges)

1. Please send by email [email protected] and let us know which products you want to return and the reason
2. Picknit will send you these return conditions, which must be accepted by the customer before shipping. They are accepted in their entirety and no type of claim proceeds either before courts or means of payment. Read "Important"
3. Send the items properly packaged and in their original condition, if the item is part of a kit you must return the entire kit. If the kit contains patterns, it cannot be returned
4. If the returned product has any promotion, the free item must also be returned as long as it appears on the shipping invoice.
5. The costs of the return and responsibility for the merchandise to our facilities and the damage suffered by the product or merchandise are borne by the customer. If the merchandise is lost, Picknit has no responsibility. Likewise if it is retained by the carrier.
6. The price to be returned is the one that appears on the delivery note and / or invoice.


Returns from countries outside the European Union or that may pass through Customs are not accepted, due to the fact that customs procedures must be carried out to recover the merchandise and pay merchandise fees.
Shipping address: Calle Simón Bolívar 63. Bajo, 15011, A Coruña Spain for the attention of Verónica Oliveros. It is very important to indicate delivery from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Returns that we have to collect at delivery points such as pack points or post offices will not be accepted. The shipment must be delivered to our store without exception

My item is defective / damaged, wrong, what should I do?

Picknit is not responsible for the quality control of the product, we are only intermediaries. Clearly, as soon as Picknit detects that a product has stopped having quality, they will be returned to the supplier and therefore, they will stop selling in the store. They are not put on sale.
Picknit gives the guarantee given by the supplier. That is, if the supplier replaces the item, another will be sent, but there are cases where the supplier only issues a credit.
Please send us photos of the damaged item and packaging.
Very important. If the product has been damaged in transit, you should keep the product and its packaging. Transportation does not compensate us without photos of packaging and merchandise, therefore, we cannot replace the product either.
If there is not in stock we will refund the money. You have 7 days from receipt to report that your package is damaged or the item is defective.
If you wish to make an exchange for a different item, the cost of return and new shipment will be borne by the customer.
An item is not considered Defective due to a difference in color appreciation from one monitor to another

Orders refused or not picked up

In the event that the customer refuses an order, that is, refuses to receive it, the transport costs from the customer to us will be charged by the carrier and only the amount of the invoiced merchandise will be returned, discounting the same expenses as for Returns.
An order that has been returned after having tried to be delivered without effect is considered rejected. The customer must be attentive to the follow-up that arrives after sending Picknit the shipment. Bear in mind that the carriers do not leave, due to the current circumstances, Acknowledgment of receipt of having passed.

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