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The Lantern Moon interchangeable needles are made of top quality ebony wood, very smooth, and extremely resistant, a pleasure to knit with. The range is completed with rotating cables (free memory). They are sustainable trade helping rural areas of Vietnam
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Flexible Cables for Lantern Moon Interchangeable Needles Includes a cable, a wrench to adjust the cable and 2 stops The 360º cables, with their new thread shape that rotates 360º prevents them from twisting! Memoryless 360° Swivel system allows knitting needle tips to rotate freely, preventing the cord from twisting or twisting while knitting The steel cable features a nylon coating, it is a strong cable, which still glides effortlessly through the stitches. The cables can be attached to the needle tips thanks to a cable wrench that fits perfectly. With the end caps, you can convert an interchangeable cable into a regular needle or stitch holder. .MEASURES Measurement of 40 = 14 cm of needles + 26 cm of cable Measurement of 50 = 24 cm of needles + 26 cm of cable Measurement of 60 = 24 cm of needles + 36 cm of cable Measurement of 80 = 24 cm of needles + 56 cm of cable Measurement of 100 = 24 cm of needles + 76 cm of cable Measurement of 120 = 24 cm of needles + 96 cm of cable Measurement of 150 = 24 cm of needles + 126 cm of cable Only available in these 7 options Approximate measurements
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