How long does my order take to arrive?

Orders placed before 12:00 p.m. They are shipped within the same day. However, we try to ship as soon as possible.

In all the terms indicated below, the day the order leaves our store is not counted.

If the country of destination is Spain or Portugal Peninsula, the order takes 24 hours without counting holidays and weekends. However, it may take up to 3 business days. The Canary Islands takes 5-6 business days and the Balearic Islands 48 hours, and it can take up to 72 hours.

If the shipment is to Europe (European Union) it can take from 3 business days to approximately 2 weeks, although it usually arrives in 5 business days

Europe outside the European Union can take up to 15 days

Rest of countries can take even a month, the usual is 15 days

On some dates Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, holidays, shipments may take longer than previously mentioned

Except for a Picknit error or unjustified delay, late delivery does not entail a breach of contract, therefore, this cannot be claimed to not receive or collect the merchandise or request a refund of the amount of the merchandise. If you need something for a certain date, I suggest you place the order 15 days before and if it is outside of Spain, one month in advance.


Do you ship to...?

Picknit ships all over the world, except to countries with war conflicts.


Delivery procedure

If the order is sent by private transport, the carrier will pass through the customer's address. In case of being absent, they do not usually leave notice of passage, you will receive an email message, for this reason we suggest checking the Spam folder

The carrier has no obligation to call the customer by phone to arrange delivery or change incomplete addresses. If the package returns because the customer could not receive it, unfortunately, only the amount of the merchandise will be returned to the customer, minus all the costs of returning the order and those that Picknit would have incurred to make the original shipment. For this reason, we ask that once we send the package, you track the package. Take special care with packages outside the European Union, since they will go through Customs in Spain and to recover them you will have to carry out a procedure that entails expenses, normally 5% customs expenses + 21% VAT that we will have to pay again. If the client does not accept that these expenses are discounted, the merchandise will not be collected and the total purchase will be lost.

If the order is sent by Correos to Spain or UPS internationally, there are 2 modalities that the customer chooses when making the purchase: address and collection office. Once the Post Office passes and the client is absent, it will leave a notice regardless of the modality and the client must pick up at the Post Office closest to their home address. If it is picked up at the office, the client will receive an SMS/email indicating the merchandise is available. UPS ships email exclusively.
Important: the customer has 7 calendar days to pick up the order, if it is not picked up it will be returned to Picknit. In this case, Picknit will return the cost of the merchandise to the customer, discounting the postage of the Post Office and those that we would have had to pay in the original shipment.

For quality reasons, we would appreciate if you send us any incident with transport, it is the only way we have to know how they work in each area. It must be taken into account, however, that the same transport can work very well in one place and fail in other areas. All transports have the same drawback.


These issues cannot lead to any type of claim by the client in court. By accepting these terms the client accepts this condition.


Ces questions ne peuvent donner lieu à aucun type de réclamation par le client devant les tribunaux. En acceptant ces termes, le client accepte cette condition.

Précision : lors d'un envoi, 2 situations peuvent se présenter :

A. Que vous arrivez port payé et que le client ne paie donc aucun frais d'expédition.

B. Vous payez les frais de port. Dans ce cas, les frais de port que vous payez bénéficient d'une remise que nous avons appliquée, il ne s'agit donc pas des frais que Picknit paie au transporteur.


Par conséquent, en cas de demande de remboursement de la valeur de la marchandise, ne récupérez pas l'envoi à un point de livraison, refusez l'envoi, adresse erronée ou incomplète, ne le recevez pas car le transporteur n'a pas été en mesure de le livrer, le montant total et réel payé par Picknit au transporteur sera déduit du montant à restituer au client.

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