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Why do we love LITLG? Litlg is for us one of the best colored brands in their threads. Each skein of this brand is unique and the truth is that it is very difficult to choose, I know You'll wonder what a difference there is between Litlg Fine Sock and Litlg Singles. Well, the first one in addition to having more meters, the difference is that the first one has torsion, instead. Litlg Singles is a single non twisted thread, which is known as 1 Ply Both can be used to knit any type of garmente, however, if you are going to knit a sweater or cardigan we recommend Litlg Fine Sock. I particularly love the Singles and every time I am going to knit a shawl, I do not doubt I choose the Singles
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Why I adore Litlg Fine Sock If you are looking for a soft and carefully hand dyed, this is your brand. I love the colors of Litlg, Carolina, the creator of the brand chooses the colors of each season and they never let me down It is important that you know that each skein is unique, from experience I tell you, if you like a skein do not let it escape. It has happened to regret me. As for the quality they are incredibly soft and perfect for any type of garment. I also recommend them for jerseys and cardigans. I'm sure you'll write telling me how much you liked them
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QING FIBRE Merino: 100%  Season: Automn / Winter Skein 100 de 366 mts (400 yds) Needles 3½-4 mm Gauge : 28 stitches Fingering yarn Handwash
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