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Why do we adore Malabrigo Mechita? Mechita is a fine merino yarn from Malabrigo, single type and machine washable, that is, it has no twist. Therefore, it is ideal for knitting shawls and accessories. It is important that you make a knitted sample when knitting your work and block it since the single wool usually increases in size which is greatly appreciated in a shawl. We recommend 3.75mm or 4.00mm needle for knitting shawls The colors are incredible, Malabrigo's color palette is very wide so you will find your choice difficult If you are looking to weave a work type jersey or cardigan given the resistance we recommend Sock de Malabrigo. Link here https://picknit.es/es/28-sock
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QING FIBRE Merino: 100%  Season: Automn / Winter Skein 100 de 366 mts (400 yds) Needles 3½-4 mm Gauge : 28 stitches Fingering yarn Handwash
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