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DOUBLE Sunday is a soft merino yarn that can be knitted single, double or together with mohair. The supplier ensures that this wool has been obtained free of animal suffering

How is it different from Sunday? Double Sunday is DK yarn, 4mm needle and therefore, fewer meters come per skein, Sunday is fingering yarn weight so more finest than Double Sunday

and what does Petite Knit collection mean? It means that the designer Petite Knit has created that color, but it is the same in thickness and meters as DOUBLE Sunday


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Merino: 100%

Autumn-winter season

Skein of 50 grams

108 mts (118 yds)

3.75mm needles 

10 cm: 20 points


Machine wash 30º

Approximate quantities jersey size M = 12 skeins. Shawls / Scarves = 6 skeins, approx.


Make sure you have enough yarn to complete your project.

Very important: Sandnes Garn continually changes the color palette, therefore colors that are currently available may be withdrawn. I recommend you not to buy the very tight amount of wool to avoid running out of yarn and not being able to get it

Colors on your computer monitor may differ slightly from actual product colors depending on your monitor settings. It is not recommended to view the images on mobile phones and / or tablets. If you have doubts, it is better to write to us, we will gladly describe the color to you. The photos are taken in optimal conditions of a photo studio with a professional camera and lights. Unless the difference is very noticeable, on our monitor, no claims are accepted in this regard. For this reason, if you ask us for a mobile photo of the tinted one, it will be very untrue and not real at all. The best photo is the one on the web

Image may show multiple skeins. The price is per unit, unless otherwise specified, usually written "pack"

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