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Isager Mohair Silk is a yarn that can be knitted together with another of thick lace or fingering like any other Isager yarn or another brand to achieve an effect like this link.

You can also knit it only with a fine needle to obtain a thick texture or with a superior needle to obtain a vaporous fabric.

We have made a color guide on our blog that shows you all the colors of the existing mohair in the store and also, compares mohair of different brands that we have in the store. I invite you to read it

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Mohair: 70%, Silk: 30%

Season: Automn / Winter

Skein 25 grs, 210 mts (232 yds),

Needles 3½-5 mm

Gauge : 18-25 stitches

Lace yarn


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Why do we love Isager Alpaca 2? Alpaca 2 is a yarn made so that your work lasts for many years, it is a yarn as I say "of a lifetime" of those that the grandmothers knit More and more, I choose to knit this type of yarn especially for jackets and cardigans. It is soft, I recommend it, unless you are allergic or very delicate with wool. It can...
6,20 €
Isager  100% Alpaca  Automn / Winter Lace 3 ply Skeins of 50 gramos , 400 mts, Needles size 3.00 mm Gauge: 30 stitches Handwash      
7,02 €
The colors of Spinni are really incredible, the palette is really beautiful and the colors are saturated. Colors with "s" suffix are dyed on natural gray / all other colors are dyed on white.  We have gathered Spinni and Spinni Tweed since they really are the same type of yarn only as previously said, they change slightly. Spinni combines...
13,18 €

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