Chiaogoo - Twist SHORTIES Combo Packs Cable + Tips

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2 tips Twist SHORTIES Mini same size,  (interchangeable needles surgical stainless steal)

1 cable 2" (5cms) 

1 cable 3" (8cms)

Note: allows to obtein 23 cms and 31 cms

Characterist tips

- Sizes availables from 1.5mm to 5.00mm

- Lifeline holes and coded for easy use

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Cristina Floreal


Las agujas CHIAGOO son, bajo mi punto de vista, las mejores, y estas en particular son perfectas para puños y trabajar en redondo en labores pequeñas. El sistema de cables CHIAGOO y la posibilidad de intercambiarlos para modificar la longitud es comodísimo. Una buena adquisición.

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Why do I love the red Chiaogoo cables? The Twist cables are more resistant covered with nylon, they have a system of rotation in the union that makes it very comfortable to use For heavy work we recommend Twist cables Adapters and cable connectors available FAQ - Can these cables be used with other brands' needles? No, only valid for...
6,94 €
These 3" (8cms), 4" (10cms) or 5″ (13 cm) hand-crafted, patina tips are made of made of surgical-grade stainless steel The size is laser imprinted on each tip TWIST tips can be used with SPIN cables and with TWIST red cables Please use for 4" (10cms) or 5″ (13 cm):  Mini up to 2.50mm size of tips, S (small) cables from 2.75mm up to 5mm needle tip...
9,13 €
Twist  LARGE Set (5.50 a 10mm) with 6 interchangeable needle tips in stainless steel with the smaller needle sizes - Lifeline holes and coded for easy use - Made of high-grade stainless steel with smooth transitions and secure connections. - Famous Red nylon-coated, multi strand steel cable - Other tips availlable for separate purchase -...
85,08 €

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